Stale fuel is the number one cause of motors running poorly, we’ve got the tools to help you mix the right amount to keep your fuel fresh and your engine running right.

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2 Stroke Mix App

Easily manage multiple containers with different mix ratios or even straight fuel.

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Free Premix Calcuator

If you’re just mixing a random batch of 2 stroke (cycle), please use this free premix calculator: 

Select your Fuel:Oil ratio then enter the amount of straight fuel you plan to mix.

App Benefits

Easily mix any amount

Mixing too much fuel just because it's easy to use round numbers is a common problem. Mix just the right amount so you don't leave excess fuel laying around to go stale.

Save money

Keeping your fuel fresh will reduce the number of times you need to take your equipment in to the workshop for additional servicing.

App Features

Container Profiles

Take the guesswork out of what ratio you should be using and when you last mixed by creating a named profile for each of your containers to store this information.

Expiry Tracking

Set your own expiry duration within each profile and track how old each batch is.


Receive notifications when your fuel is about to expire.

iCloud Sync

Container profiles are automatically backed up and shared across your devices.

Light and Dark mode

Full support for the new modes in iOS.

Apple Watch App

Mix batches of fuel with your watch, all data is syncronised with the phone app via iCloud

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